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Our "Drain Cock". Hop. Whistle.

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The Zwickelhahn (Drain Cock) is a Kellerbier (see below), which gets a spicy hopnote due to the dry hopping with a German aroma hops.

The Zwickelhahn goes well with burgers, a tasty snack or just as a light and sweet treat for a quiet moment.

Here are the “technical” data of our brewing specialty:

-bottom fermented, unfiltered and naturally hazy

Alcohol content: 5.2%
Original wort: 12,9 ° P
IBU: about 35
EBC: 20
bottom fermented

Malt: barley malt (Munich, Pilsner, Caramel)
Hops: Hersbrucker Spät, Hallertauer Tradition and Opal

Brewing procedure: infusion

Tasting notes:

Kickerikiiieeee! Get up! The Zwickelhahn (drain cock) has called and is immediately the new cock in the VETO basket. This hazy, Franconian Kellerbier (cellar beer) has a smooth malt base, which brings light caramel notes and has two nice opponents due to the hop varieties Hallertauer Tradition and Hersbrucker Spät.
Already with the first slip slightly floral hop flavor plays around the tongue, in order to receive further spicy notes in the finish by the dry hopping with the aroma hops Opal. The gentle bitterness leaves you wanting another glass… or several cocks in the evening.

Drinking recommendation:

The best way to indulge in spicy hop notes is in a pre-cooled stone mug under a shady tree.
In order to enjoy the turbidity even when drinking from the bottle, the bottle should be pivoted when pouring -like Hefeweizen.

The beer style “Kellerbier” (cellar beer) – also Zwickl or Zwickelbier

As an originally Zwickelbier is meant a sample taken from the fermenter before being filtered by the so-called “Zwickelhahn” from the master brewer. In order to avoid unintentional opening of the test cock, usually a plug cock, it has no handle, but only a slot for an operation with a screwdriver. Instead of a screwdriver you could use a coin – in Bavaria a 2 DM piece – colloquial a “Zwickl”.

The beer was and is tapped on the “cellar” (Franconian beer cellar) directly from the barrel. The Zwickelbier belongs to the very low cabonated beers. It is a wholesome, spicy and “tasty” beer. Since all natural suspended and trubborn substances remain in the beer, it is considered more nutritionally-physiologically valuable than filtered beer.
(Excerpt from Wikipedia)

The Zwickelhahn wheel of flavor

Source: Meiniger International Craft Beer Award 2018

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