Hopferei Hertrich Veto

Our VETO, your taste.

When even in Franconian pubs the industrial beers ...

… became more and more popular, we had an urgent desire to insert a VETO.

The wonderful Franconian beers should not die out and fall victim to the price war with the big breweries! We take this concern into account and have therefore founded the brand “VETO”. Instead of mass beer, we want to create space for creative beers, made by creative brewers. The animal representatives of our brand we present to real beer-lovers here.

All of our recipes have been developed over the years and brewed and refined in the cellar with modified ingredients, until Karin and Ralph kept the recipe for “finished”.

Our brewing specialties are brewed from selected and high-quality raw materials. The malts come from the nearby Bamberg and the hops from a Franconian trader, who offers in addition to the regional hop varieties also aroma hops from all over the world. And, of course, brewing is done in the heart of the Franconian beer variety – very close to Bamberg.

Is VETO “Craft Beer”?

Sometimes it is difficult to decide when it comes to craft beer, because in Germany – in contrast to the US – there is no clear definition for it. Nina Klotz has put together some striking points on this question on her page “Hopfenhelden” (sorry – German only).
Decide for yourself …

Information about our beers

Any information listed on the label can be reviewed by the Food Inspectorate and can be objected to. So it is difficult to determine the exact IBU, especially in dry-hopping, as in addition to the essential oils also other bitter substances are solved. Deviations are not tolerated and lead to complaints. Then we decided to spend only the most necessary data on the label.

But…. since in craft beer brewing not every brew corresponds exactly to the previous one, we will document for each brew analytical and flavor changes for you for each variety on our homepage. Read about the changes over time.

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