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The name of our family business ...

… was born from an in-house joke and refers to a hop plant that has climbed at the house to the roof via a wooden wall: “It looks like a Hopferei” was a common saying – and that meant more a hops garden of a hops farmer. This hops were also used in our first Hobby-batches, before we switched to relevant bitter and aroma hops.

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We literally took up the word “Hopferei” on the banner or better on the label, because in addition to the carefully selected malts, the hops in particular receive their due value. Because the hops are not only used in cooking, but especially in the fermentation, aging and storage in the cold area to give the beer flavor components that are not known from classic beers.

Of course, we are aware that only the perfect combination of malts, hops and yeasts develops the flavor that the beer drinker emphasizes after the first sip with a long drawn “Aaaaah”.

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